Between the dates of 01/09/17 and 01/09/18, the substrate Steven Mills takes massive action to record everything it consumes throughout a period of 365 days. The information from this project is recorded throughout the duration within the structure of specially designed forms, which build up a wealth of dietary and consumer data not only from food and drink consumed but also from their waste bi-products or accompanying perishables.



  • Details are to be recorded to the best possible standard including ingredients and accompanying perishables both being weighed in grams. 
  • In the case of a missed day, the date should be written on a report form followed by an ‘X’, reaching from one corner of the document to the other. 
  • Items are to be entered in the two separate categories of ‘human consumption’ and ‘post-human consumption’ and should be labeled appropriately. 
  • For the purpose of this document, items of the human digestive system are only recorded by their weight in grams based on the amount actually consumed. 
  • Items of the post-human digestion are only recorded when their service to the corresponding item expires and the unit goes into a phase of superfluity. 
  • All documents are to be filled out daily by The Substrate in black ink. 
  • Whilst care has been taken to represent the ingredients in the products consumed within the hand written notes accurately, there can be no guarantee that the information recorded is completely void of error. Consumers are advised to refer to the products first hand for first hand reference.   


Human Digestive system

‘The human digestive system is the bodily system that allows humans to digest food, in order to supply the organism with the nutrients necessary for its functioning. The food first chewed in the mouth, then passes through different organs through the digestive tract. The organs included in the human digestive system are the oral cavity, the esophagus, the stomach and the intestines. The food is broken down in each step, into smaller and smaller molecules, and is eventually absorbed into the blood. Waste in the form of fecal matter is rejected through the anus.’

CCM Health. 2017. Human digestive system - Definition. [ONLINE] Available at [Accessed 27 June 2017].

Post-Human Digestion

Post-human digestion is an external-inorganic international system which occurs outside of the body and originates from the need to assist with the safe transition, function and/or delivery of products from producer to consumer. In its widest sense, some form of post-human digestion occurs whenever a product exchanges hands throughout each stage of its lifecycle. 

Personal Post-human digestion occurs when personal ownership is placed on a product and the deemed perishable medium used to transport, assist and/or store the product is rendered obsolete and is personally discarded in any way. 

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